Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Longhorns

About eight years ago I painted a mural of longhorn cattle for Callaways Eatery in Arlington.
It was a large painting depicting a longhorn stampede busting through the cin
derblock wall. People who came to the restaurant to eat, seemed to really enjoy watching its progress. They also had some good ideas for me, such as placing the texas shape on the forehead of the first bull, also the roadrunner and armadillo trying to get out of the way, and the horned toad sitting on the broken ledge. I had a lot of fun creating this mural and it was very good for business.
Unfortunately the restaurant sold and my longhorns were recently painted over. I was very sad to hear this. Then the other day, the thought occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to paint this again, so I would really like to find a restaurant or business that would be interested in having this done at a very reasonable price. Hopefully someday this will happen.
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